Maple Lawn Cemetery Association
1917 4th St NW
Faribault, MN 55021


Maple Lawn History


In 1871 a group of far-sighted citizens recognized the need for a non-profit, non-sectarian cemetery in Faribault. They proceeded to organize an association and laid out a plan for a cemetery in which families could bury their loved ones and be assured that burial plots would be protected and cared for.

Skilled planning, as well as planting of stately trees and shrubs, plus development of winding roads, make Maple Lawn Cemetery one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Minnesota. Throughout the years, Maple Lawn Cemetery has provided a dignified resting place for many of those who contributed to the community, state, nation, and sometimes the world. Achievements in agriculture, education, government, sciences, and transportation are some of these contributions, as well as services to our country by those who fought in the nation's wars, both at home and in other lands.

Today, lots are available in the 54 acres of Maple Lawn Cemetery in any of the four sections - the Traditional Section, the Memorial Park, Maple Lawn Park, or Maple Lawn Cremation Park as well as an area set aside especially for Veterans.

The association is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of lot owners who give their services as a duty to their community. Grounds are beautifully maintained by a cemetery superintendent and grounds crew. A substantial portion of the purchase price of each lot is always set aside in a trust fund, the income from which is used to ensure the permanent maintenance of these beautiful grounds. An option is also available whereby flowers will be planted and cared for every year even when a family member is no longer nearby.


Maple Lawn Cemetery • 1917 Northwest Fourth Street • Faribault, Minnesota