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Estate Planning

"Pre-planning is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones."

Pre-planning allows your wishes to be known. It eliminates a burden on your loved ones during the stressful and painful hours after your death. Pre-planning gives surviving family members a sense of calm and peace of mind knowing the wishes of their loved one are being carried out.

Financially, the advantage of pre-planning allows you to make a purchase at the current cemetery market price avoiding higher prices of the future. Cemetery property costs have been escalating 100% every ten years.

The simple fact is, the earlier you pre-plan the more options you have to choose from and the more money you will be saved. Also, much like Will planning your pre-plan can be revised as needs change.

By pre-planning and pre-funding cemetery and funeral arrangements you may be creating exempt assets should you ever have to go on public assistance.

Statistics show 43% of deaths are unexpected; we are not guaranteed our tomorrows. Discussing death is never easy and unfortunately will not get any easier. The time you spend now will help your family later.

Planning ahead is a gift of love.

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